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Your Debit Card and Xapo Wallet are perfectly united. Simply add funds to your wallet and the card is ready for use.

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Whether you prefer to shop online or visit your local store, the card is accepted worldwide.

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Withdraw your local currency at the nearest ATM.

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We notify you of each purchase so you can keep track of your spending.

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The Xapo Debit Card counts on VISA's worldwide reliability - it provides security and convenience all in one.

  • Fund your wallet
  • Use it anywhere
  • Get cash instantly
  • Keep track
  • Rest assured
Order yours

Your Xapo Debit Card is on its way!. *little victory dance*

Juan_Carlos @juancarlospaco

Nice, I have a debit card coming up from @xapo. I'm happy to get deeper in the bitcoin economy!

Janne Särkelä @JanneSarkela

Just bought flights with Bitcoin. Thanks, @xapo 👏👏 #xapo #spendbitcoin

Brendan Gibson @brendangibson

You transfer BTC to Xapo wallet and it converts BTC>FIAT on-the-fly when you make a purchase.

hex‏ @choyofaque

With the new Xapo Debit Card you have the best of both worlds in the palm of your hand.

febishafira‏ @Ffebishafira

If you use Bitcoin you should look at Xapo. Their Debit Card gives you ATM+ POS functionality

Bill Willmott‏ @BlueST955

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use my Xapo Debit Card? At any merchant that accepts VISA.

The Xapo Card works just like any other debit card, but instead of drawing funds from your bank account, it debits purchases directly from your Xapo main wallet. You can use the card for online purchases, to shop at your local store, or at ATMs.

How long will it take to receive my Xapo debit card? Between 10 and 25 days.

When you order your card, you can select between standard shipping (free-of-cost) and expedited DHL shipping ($55).

Standard shipping will be done by your local postal service and offers no tracking for your card shipment, so delivery times may vary. DHL shipping, on the other hand, is recommended for everyone living outside of Europe, or in countries with unreliable local postal services. DHL guarantees card deliveries within 7 days and provides an easy way to track your card while it's on its way to you.

Are there daily spending limits on the Xapo Debit Card? Yes, there are some standard usage limits.

Standard limits Upgraded limits
One-time purchase Per purchase $2,500 €2,500 £2,000 $10,000 €10,000 £8,000
Value of purchases Per day $2,500 €2,500 £2,000 $20,000 €20,000 £16,000
Value of lifetime purchases Lifetime $2,500 €2,500 £2,000 no limit no limit no limit
ATM Rules
Number of ATM transactions Per day 2 2 2 2 2 2
Number of ATM Withdrawal Per ATM transaction $200 €200 £160 $1,000 €1,000 £800
Number of ATM Withdrawal Per day $400 €400 £320 $2,000 €2,000 £1,600
Maximum ATM withdraw Lifetime $1,000 €1,000 £800 no limit no limit no limit

After you receive your card, we can upgrade your status to increase the limits.
In order to upgrade your card, please provide a high resolution copy of an official document and a proof of residence for the address tied to your card. Please upload your documents to this form.

Acceptable ID documents:

  • License Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Government Issued ID card

Acceptable proof of residence* documents:

  • Any utility bill (like electricity bill, internet bill, phone bill...)
  • Credit card bill

* the proof of residence document must not be older than 3 months to date.

How much does it cost to order a Xapo Debit Card? $20

But you get the first year of annual fees free-of-cost! The Card Issuance Fee will be debited from your Xapo wallet when you order your card, so make sure to fund your wallet first. Please check the full list of card spending fees in our Debit Card FAQs.

See all of our FAQs