Why Switzerland?

With its traditions of international neutrality, national sovereignty and regulatory stability, we believe that among a variety of potential locations, Switzerland offers the world’s best operating, financial and regulatory environment and consequentially the greatest level of protection for our customers’ bitcoins.

1. Private

Switzerland has a long tradition of protecting both personal and financial privacy. The fundamental right to personal privacy is established as part of Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution, and the protection of personal financial information is still maintained today by the provisions of the Swiss Banking Law of 1934.

2. Neutral

Swiss Saint Nicholas of Flue (1417-1487) once articulated the bedrock foundation of Switzerland’s neutrality with the quote “Don’t get involved in other people’s affairs”. Today, over 500 years later, that same principle continues to guide Swiss foreign policy, with the country consistently remaining a neutral party in international conflicts. This stability has made Switzerland a highly desirable locale for international businesses and transnational institutions.

3. Democratic

Switzerland’s direct democracy, dating back as far as 1291 and the founding of the Old Swiss Confederacy, provides for a comparatively high level of citizen participation in national law-making and is generally regarded as one of the most stable governmental systems in the world.

4. Internally stable

Switzerland has not had an internal civil conflict since the Sonderbund War of 1847, and maintains ongoing unity between its various constituent language groups via a strict doctrine of neutrality in foreign conflicts.

5. Independent

As an illustration of Switzerland’s historical independence and insulation from foreign influence, the Swiss Guards, a unit of entirely Swiss soldiers, are tasked with providing security and protection for the Pope. Today, that spirit of independence endures, with Switzerland remaining apart from the European Union, and deciding participation in any non-governmental organization by popular referendum.

6. Protected

Switzerland protects its multiple borders, and national sovereignty, with an active military of approximately 150,000 professional soldiers. It also maintains, should they be needed, a trained militia of several million more civilian reservists.

7. Peaceful

Despite being militarily neutral, Switzerland is deeply committed to international peace and security, with Swiss forces presently participating in a variety of peacekeeping missions on multiple continents around the world.

8. Business friendly

Home to the European and global headquarters of hundreds of multinational corporations, Switzerland is an established international business destination, with a robust economy, stable regulatory environment and widely respected judicial system.

9. Modern

In comparison with other potential locations, Switzerland provides all the benefits of a modern society including a highly educated population, a fiscally responsible government and a well-maintained physical and technological infrastructure.

10. Environmentally protected

Given the potential business impact of an unpredictable natural disaster, it’s highly beneficial to locate in a country that is insulated from significant environmental risk. Situated in the geographic center of Western Europe, landlocked from any ocean or major body of water, Switzerland faces limited risk from flooding and hurricanes, and below average risk from earthquakes.